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What About Those Myofascial Restrictions

Good question! That is what researchers around the world are trying to figure out. For centuries the anatomists have cut it away while looking at the bodily structures assuming it was unimportant. But now we have a new appreciation for what fascia is and what its function is. To understand the fascia within your body, you first need to eat an orange and then go fly a kite … or fishing. (Of course you can also go to www.biotensegrity.com for a thorough treatment of the concepts. )

The Orange … or grapefruit … or even a raspberry?


What is Myofascial Massage?

To understand Myofascial Massage, let’s begin by looking at the terms. “Myo” means muscle. Pretty straight forward, we were taught about our muscles at a very early age. “Fascial” is a term that refers to the fascia, or connective tissue in our body. Finally, Massage is exactly what most people think it is, using the hands to work the muscles and tissues. So a Myofascial Massage uses the hands to address both the muscle and connective tissue.