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I was working on a client, helping her legs get ready for the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, when I told her, “Be careful of the elephants”.  She gave me a puzzled look and asked, “What elephants?”


It’s that time of year in Minnesota when we all look forward to doing various activities.  No matter the activity, whether it’s leisurely gardening or strenuous biking, most of us develop some kind of problems in our journey.

Performance problems.

You know what they are: those things that hold us back from accomplishing our objectives pain-free.  Whether the issue is in the hips, upper back, forearms, feet or hands, sometimes you need to seek professional help to get you through whatever ails you and affects your performance.

There are several reasons why Myofascial Massage helps you overcome performance issues.

The root of most performance issues involving Myofascial structures can be narrowed down to three things.  Several things happen when Muscle and Connective tissue ( Myofascial structures) become tight and restricted.

             A decrease in motion.

                                       A decrease in power.

         Pain and resulting pain patterns.

This is just a list, not in any particular order.  Usually, an injury or overactivity sets the ball in motion. (Pun intended, no apologies). Unaccustomed use or overuse. You know, like all of the sudden participating in the plank or sit-ups challenge.  Or my personal favorite: CrossFit and Kettlebells. Bring It On! That inner competitive spirit says, “If you did it before, you can do it again!” Although that may be true, what about if the last time you did it was last fall or high school? 

One of the biggest indicators that you need Myofascial help is this: you had an injury, so you backed off, rested and allowed it time to heal, BUT it is still an issue. That issue is what we like to call a “restriction”.  


The Myofascial complex is usually a free moving, ever-changing relationship between muscles, connective tissue, and nerves.  A  restriction is a problem area that affects any one of those three things.  It will continue to be a problem until it is released.

Myofascial Massage releases those restrictions.  Stretching will help. Foam rolling can help. Ice, definitely.  But to really get to the core of the problem, it needs to be evaluated and treated by a Myofascial therapist.


Pain patterns.  Not all pain occurs in the restricted areas.  A pain in the foot could actually be a problem with the hip.  That pain next to your shoulder blade really is not what the problem seems to be.

That is why you need an experienced therapist to listen to your story and figure out what is going on.  It’s that simple.


What about those elephants?

Elephants wear white running shoes so they can run down the middle of the road during races without being seen.

Have you ever seen an elephant during a marathon?

It works, doesn’t it?  

Don’t believe me?  Fair enough. Make an appointment and we will look at what’s affecting your performance. We can even talk about the elephants in your life, too.

See you on the table.

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Do it now.