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A client of mine recently read the previous post and asked about her hands going numb when she slept.  It was an excellent question.

Why do hands go to sleep when we sleep?  They’re tired? 😉


Seriously, it all has to do with the position of the arms and your Thoracic Outlet.  When we sleep on our sides, doesn’t really matter which side, the arm on top falls across the Thoracic Outlet cutting off the nerve to that arm.  The arm on the bottom usually comes across the front of the body, thereby cutting off the nerves in that Thoracic Outlet.  So, both hands can go to sleep when we sleep on our sides.

Now lets say we are right handed and mouse all day at work.  The right Thoracic Outlet may be slightly aggravated from that work making it more susceptible to restriction at night.

So what do you do?  The easiest thing is to lay on your back and fall asleep with your arms above your head.  That position opens up the Thoracic Outlet and the numbness will dissipate.  If that fails, get out of bed and go directly to MapleGroveMassage.com and make an appointment ASAP.  If it works, then after you wake up in the morning, go to MapleGroveMassage.com and make an appointment ASAP.

You will be glad you did.