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Myofascial Massage is a Powerful techniques that helps with muscle related pain and postural issues.

'His myofascial approach to soft tissue pain is THE most effective treatment for eliminating my pain.'

- Mike W.

Myofascial Massage is a deep technique affecting the muscles AND connective tissue ... the fascia

'I had been to a few massage therapists and never felt completely satisfied until I started going to Ross.'

- Cheryl P.

Myofascial Massage is effective for headaches, TMJ, back pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis. It is ideal for treating activity related issues from sports and play.

'Ross has helped me tremendously over the last 10 years when I suffered 2 herniated discs and resulting sciatic nerve pain due to a sports incident.'

- Mark K.

Education + Experience = Effective

Graduate of Bethel University, last continuing education through Harvard Medical School, has taught therapeutic massage at a local university, has been using Myofascial Release Techniques for over 18 years. 

'I like that I am seeing someone who is knowledgeable about physiology, interested in healing and is skilled in their field.'

- Amy E.

Welcome To Integrated Soft Tissue Therapies!

I am an individual practitioner with 18 years of experience in Myofascial Release and Massage Therapy.  I have made a career helping people achieve their wellness objectives.  Most of my clients have been referred to me by either health care professionals or personal friends.

At your first visit, we will discuss what your situation is and how I can help you.   People are referred for a good reason. Doctor, family member or friend, someone had your best interests at heart.

This site is designed to simplify your life.  Feel free to register and setup an appointment.  However, don’t be afraid to contact me via email or phone.

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Ross Bergfalk

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